Feminist Frequency - Tropes vs. Women: #1 The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

I have literally felt a person try to place me into this trope in their life. 

you know I am fairly sure that is the exact scene in which Clementine declares “I am not a concept, I’m just a fucked-up girl looking for some peace of mind”. she gets forced into that trope because she has crazy-colored hair! and drinks a lot! and is spontaneous¬†sometimes-unhealthily impulsive! and anyway I don’t really buy it that she actually fills that role of fixing joel/making his life all better. it’s more like she gets really angry at him for trying to force her to be something she isn’t and tells him so and then he realizes what a douchebag he had been while reliving his memories of her, and with the help of his own subconscious (in the form of a pseudo-clementine figure) he manages to remember her (and she, obviously, also manages to remember him) because they have a messy fucked-up relationship but they both want to be in it while they’re both learning not to be big dumb babies about everything?

I really kind of hate it when she gets lumped in with other mpdg characters? because she is specifically constructed as a character who resists that vocally and angrily? and I think going and saying “she has crazy colored hair and is impulsive and therefore is a caretaker to joel’s sad loneliness!!” is like… doing the same thing the Sad Lonely Dudes are doing when they try to force us ladies into that role. looking at surface “quirkiness” and pretending not to notice the fucked-upness underneath and yeah.

idk here are some dumb thoughts

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    If you think that’s what 500 Days of Summer was about, then you’re an idiot. I also heavily disagree that they can’t use...
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